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Homework - 8th grade
We are going to look at the reform movements of the early 1800s.  These movements included prison and education reforms as well as looking at problems with the treatment of African Americans and women.  Another problem we will examine is alcoholism in our society and the growth of the temperance movement.  In the South, slavery was running rampant.  Women were treated like children.  Along with this unit, we will begin to develop a museum.  This is a major project for the 3rd marking period.
For the week of February 20th-  
Monday - No school
Tuesday - No school
Wednesday - Finish Declaration of Sentiments worksheet
Thursday - Read pages 302-305
Friday - Read pages 306-307
Prior Week's Homework

For the week of February 13th-  
Monday - No homework
Tuesday - Read pages 461-462
Wednesday - Read page 463
Thursday - Read pages 464-466
Friday - Read Declaration of Sentiments handout