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Homework - 8th grade
Our focus is turning to the West as we examine Manifest Destiny.  As part of this unit, we will look at life along the Oregon Trail as well as the Texas Revolution.
We are continuing to develop ideas for exhibits for a women's movement museum.  It is a museum that has been proposed for Washington, D.C. but the proposal never got through the US Senate.  Fortunately, our class does not need legislation (or Federal funding) to make this museum happen.
On a separate note, students are reminded that reading notes must be their own when used for any and all quizzes.  These notes may not be shared and should not be a re-writing of the textbook.  Copying text from the book is not note-taking.
For the week of March 27th-  
Monday - Museum - Exhibit Details
Tuesday - Read pages 388-389
Wednesday - Read pages 396-399
Thursday - Trenton - Be at school no later than 7:55 a.m.  Bring your lunch.
Friday - Read pages 400-405
Prior Week's Homework

For the week of March 20th-  
Monday - Museum Research
Tuesday - Read pages 364-367
Wednesday - Read pages 368-369
Thursday - Read pages 370-371
Friday - Read pages 384-387