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Homework - 7th grade
This week we will have a test on the Middle East and North Africa.  The class has already been given a study guide for this test.  After we are finished with this unit, our next stop will be India.  In India, we will learn about the Hindu religion, the history of this region, the influence of the British on India's development and Mahatma Gandhi's contribution towards India reaching independence.
For the week of February 20th- 
Monday  - No school
Tuesday - No school
Wednesday - Middle East/N. Africa Test
Thursday - Read pages 444-450
Friday - Read pages 454-457
Prior Week's Homework
For the week of February 13th- 
Monday  - No homework
Tuesday - What's in a Name Exercise
Wednesday - Read the 1st Armenian handout
Thursday - Read the 2nd Armenian handout
Friday - Review for Feb. 22nd test