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Homework - 7th grade
We have spent the last 2 weeks looking at Hinduism and Buddhism.  Next we turn our attention to India's history.  Our initial focus will be on the first empire - the Mauryan Empire and Emperor Asoka.  Then we will look at the British take-over of India; a period known as the British Raj.  We will examine how the British controlled the country and how they eventually lost power.  Our review will end with an in-depth look at Gandhi and the subsequent split of India into a primarily Hindu portion (India) and primarily Muslim portion (Pakistan and Bangladesh).
For the week of March 27th- Note:  This is a correction to some of the assignment which were posted on the board in the classroom.
Monday  - No homework
Tuesday - Read pages 501-505
Wednesday - Read Biography of Indira Gandhi in the packet
Thursday - Read pages 5-6-510
Friday - Read pages 511-514
Prior Week's Homework
For the week of March 20th- 
Monday  - No homework
Tuesday - Read pages 484-486
Wednesday - Read pages 487-490
Thursday - Read pages 498-500
Friday - Creation of a Nation in the packet - answer questions 1-3 on a separate piece of paper