• 2017-18 District Testing

    Please find attached a letter from Mrs. Fletcher, our interim Curriculum Supervisor, on the state required testing your students will be participating in during the 2017-18 school year.  2017-18 Testing Letter


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  • A Message from the Board of Education

    At the meeting of the Rochelle Park Board of Education on September 14, 2017, there were a number of comments and questions presented to the Board that insinuated that an affirmative action investigation that was earlier authorized by the Board involved the District’s students. Indeed, the intimation was that the investigation concerned or worse, concluded that our students were subjected to a hostile environment. Neither the claim that was investigated nor the report of the consultant involved any of the District’s students. Moreover, there has never been a claim that our students were subjected to a hostile educational environment by an employee of our District. To the contrary, our students attend school in a safe and healthy environment that allows them to excel academically and socially.


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  • Back to School Night

    Believe it or not, our “Back to School Night” programs will begin next week! Here are the dates/times for all grades:

    Tuesday, September 19th: 
    Grades Pre-K through 5 (6:00 PM – 8:00 PM)

    Thursday, September 28th: 
    Grades 6 through 8 (5:45 PM – 8:00 PM)

    * The Principal’s Program for Parents will be held in the Multi-Purpose Room during the following times: 
    Grades Pre K-5 - 6:00 PM
    Grades 6-8 - 5:45 PM
    After this program is completed, you will begin your visits to the teachers.

    *Parents in grades 6-8 will follow their children's schedule, which will be sent home on the 28th.

    *Parents in grades Pre K-5 will be provided with a schedule from the classroom teachers.

    We look forward to seeing you! Welcome Back!!!


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    It has come to our attention that most of our Midland families have not yet received the summer mailing. These letters were delivered to the U.S. Post Office toward the end of last week, and it was our expectation that you would receive them by Saturday. Obviously, that did not happen. It now appears that you will receive them on Tuesday.

    The delayed restoration of power to our building by PSE&G has been difficult for all of us. We are aware that this has caused our parents an inconvenience as well and we apologize. We would normally have our summer notifications mailed to you much earlier, but this year we simply could not do it. Once again, our apologies.

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend and I'll see you soon!


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  • Attention Parents of 7th and 8th Grade Students
    Please be advised that letters were mailed this week containing placement information for ELA and Math.  Students in 7th grade who have been recommended for Honors ELA 7 and/or Pre-Algebra will be receiving these letters.  Students in 8th grade who have been recommended for a change of placement from last year's class will also receive these letters.  Please note if your child is in 7th grade and does not receive a letter he/she will be scheduled in ELA 7 and/or Math 7.  If your child is in 8th grade and does not receive a letter there has been no change to his/her schedule for either subject.
    Thank you!

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    Members of the Rochelle Park School District Community:

    We have been advised by PSE&G that starting the evening of August 11, 2017 going until sometime during the week of August 28th the Midland School will be without power as they replace the transformer to the complex. 

    During this time the phone system will be down. Offices will be open in the mornings and we will be using laptops and portable hot-spots for email and internet connectivity.   Email will probably be the best way to communicate with us.

    We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. We will work closely with PSE&G to ensure that power is restored at the earliest possible date.

    Have a pleasant rest of the summer,

    Geoffrey W. Zoeller, Jr., Ed.D.

    Superintendent of Schools


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  • Information Regarding Communication with the School

    Please be advised that for the next few weeks, our school fax machine and office phones (principal, nurse) may be down. If you have urgent information to share with us, please contact us through email:

    bcannici@rochellepark.org (Principal)

    smeyers@rochellepark.org (School Nurse)

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  • Focus School Status Removed!

    Dear members of the Rochelle Park community:

    It is my distinct pleasure to report to you that after years of hard work and achievement, the New Jersey Department of Education informed us today that the “Focus School” status has been removed from Midland School!

    I would like to congratulate our director of curriculum and instruction, Mrs. Cara Hurd, for leading the work in the multi-year revisions to our curriculum and our principal, Mr. Brian Cannici, for his tireless efforts in supporting best practices in our classrooms. Of course, the lion share of the credit must go to our wonderful faculty who has worked so cooperatively in supporting Cara and Brian’s efforts while delivering solid instruction to our students every day.

    Finally, I want to thank both the past and current Board of Education who bought into the vision of what needed to be changed and on how best to accomplish it. Given extremely tight budgets with which to work, resource allocation targeted to strengthening curriculum and instruction has been a primary focus. Thank you for your support of that vision, our school, our teachers, and our children. 

    Rochelle Park has much to be proud of!

    Allow me to wish you all a wonderful Fourth of July and a pleasant and fun-filled summer.

    Very sincerely yours,


    Geoffrey W. Zoeller, Jr., Ed.D.

    Superintendent of Schools


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    Dear Rochelle Park community members,

    We are thrilled to announce the addition of a brand new summer enrichment program right here at Midland School!  This program is designed to prevent regression over the summer months and support the varying academic needs of students who are entering 1st through 8th grades.  The Summer Enrichment Program will run in the afternoon hours, and walking supervision will be provided from the Rochelle Park recreation camp at Carlock Field if needed.  Our program teachers are looking forward to working with your children in English language arts, ESL, and mathematics in order to boost their academic confidence as they prepare to enter into a new school year in September.

    Please download the attached informational flyers HERE, in Spanish HERE, or go directly to our on-line registration page found at https://rochellepark.revtrak.net. Registration directions can also be downloaded HERE.

    You can also access our "Frequently Asked Questions" flyer HERE.


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  • Family Math Night segment appears on TV!

    We are extremely proud to share the Project T.E.A.(M)2 segment that was recently featured on Classroom Closeup NJ.  This grant funded program was the brainchild of three of our own staff members and resulted in our ongoing Family Math Night series.

    Congratulations to all of our school community members who made this possible!

    To view the segment, click HERE.


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  • Letter Regarding Field Trip Funds

    Dear Parents,

    Now that we are in the midst of our annual class field trips, I wanted to take this opportunity to make you aware of a procedure that we have been implementing this year. As you may know, when we collect fees for our trips, we must account for expenses such as transportation, tickets/admission, chaperones, etc. However, when we calculate the per student cost, we often round up, which permits us to build some extra money into the cost. This helps us “meet our bottom line” in case there is a student or group of students who do not go on the trip.

    In the past, when there was a surplus of funds, the money would go into a Student Activities Account that could be used to help students in need from various grade levels. Starting this year, however, this process has changed. Please be advised that any surplus funds from field trips will be put into our accounting system and will follow the grade that generated them for future trips. Very simply, if a particular grade level has a surplus of funds for their field trip after all monies have been collected and all bills paid, that money will follow them to the next grade level.

    We want to be as transparent as possible with regard to the money you are spending on your children’s field trips. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our administrative team.




    Brian R. Cannici



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  • Special Attention
    Please be advised that in accordance with the school IPM, the Rochelle Park Board of Education will be having the school lawn fertilized by its licensed vendor on Saturday May 6th. Please make every effort not to use the school fields or property during the duration of the fertilization. Field use can resume Sunday May 7th, 2017. Thank you for your cooperation.
    Kevin Woods, CEFM, CPWM.
    Rochelle Park Board of Education
    Buildings and Grounds Supervisor

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  • Proposed 2017-18 School District Budget 

    At the April 20, 2017 meeting of the Rochelle Park Board of Education, the administration made the formal, public presentation on the proposed 2017-18 school budget. The public who attended the 7:30 P.M. meeting were able to ask questions after the presentation was over. The PowerPoint used for that presentation may be found here.

    At the 7:30 P.M. May 4, 2017 meeting of the Board of Education, the board will again accept comments from the public on the budget as part of a formal Budget Hearing. The board will then take formal action to adopt the budget to meet the state timelines as required under law and regulation.

    We urge any members of our community who have concerns about the district’s operations and proposed 2017-18 budget to reach out to our Superintendent, Dr. Zoeller, directly at gzoeller@rochellepark.org or by phone at 201-843-3120 ext 114.


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  • Revised and New School Calendars

    Dear family, staff, and community members:

    As you know, we only used two (2) of our five (5) allotted emergency closing days during the current school year. Based upon this the Board of Education took action to modify the current calendar. As a result, we will be closed on Tuesday, May 30th (the day after Memorial Day) and our last day of school will now be on Monday, June 19th.

    In addition, the Board of Education took action to adopt the 2017-18 school calendar. Both of the calendars are available in the upper left-hand corner of our website.

    We wish all of our school community members a pleasant spring.

    Very sincerely yours,

    Geoffrey W. Zoeller, Jr., Ed.D.

    Superintendent of Schools


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  • Dear Parents and Guardians:


    Registration for the Rochelle Park PreK-4 Program will be on Tuesday April 18th and on Thursday April 27th 2017.  Rochelle Park residents may register their children from 1:30 pm – 3:00pm in the main office.  There will also be an Open House you may attend to find out more information about our Preschool Program on Thursday April 27th from 10:00 to 10:30am in room 106. Please note that spots are very limited and registering your child does not guarantee you a spot!  There will be a lottery for 8 preschool spots that you may attend on Tuesday May 2 at 10:00am in the Media Center.


    At the time of preschool registration, parents are required to bring their child’s birth certificate and immunization records. It is not necessary to bring your child with you to registration.  In addition, parents must have their child/ children examined by a private physician prior to the opening of school in September 2017.  Examination forms will be available at the time of registration. All parents must show proof of residency in Rochelle Park by presenting a copy of a deed, signed lease or affidavit, and utility bill.  Children must be age 4 on or before October 1, 2017, in order to be eligible for registration.


    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Miss Johnson at Djohnson@rochellepark.org


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  • MANDATORY Kindergarten Parent Orientation:

     Wednesday, May 3rd at 7:00 PM

    Midland School Media Center

    (Parent Questionnaire should be turned in at this time.)


     Other Mandatory Dates:

    ~May 17th or May 24th

    Dial-4 Student Assessment

    (times assigned at parent meeting)


    ~June 13th – 1:00-2:30pm -  Kindergarten Round-Up


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  • Dear Parents and Guardians:

    Kindergarten registration for the 2017-2018 school year will be as follows:

    Tuesday, March 7, 2017

    Tuesday, March 14, 2017

    Tuesday, March 21, 2017

    Tuesday, March 28, 2017


    All sessions will be held from 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM in the Main Office at Midland School #1.

    Please call first and set up an appointment. At the time of registration, parents are required to bring their child’s birth certificate and immunization records. It is not necessary to bring your child with you to registration. In addition, parents must have their child(ren) examined by a private physician prior to the opening of school in September 2017. Examination forms will be available at the time of registration. All parents must show proof of residency in Rochelle Park by presenting a copy of deed, signed lease or affidavit, and utility bill. Children must be age 5 on or before October 1, 2017 in order to be eligible for registration. All forms are available in PDF format on our website at www.rp.bergen.org under “For Parents” section “Registration forms”.


    We are looking forward to receiving your children in the 2017-2018 school year.



    Brian R. Cannici




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    Dear Members of the Rochelle Park Community:

    At the October 13th Board of Education meeting, Mrs. Hurd, our Director of Curriculum, gave a comprehensive report on District Assessment.  The excellent news is that our students are trending up on the PARCC assessment and this is a tribute to our faculty and staff members who work with our students every day.  You may access that report here.  

    Also at the October 13th meeting, our Principal, Mr. Cannici, presented a letter that was recently received from the Executive Director of the Regional Achievement Centers (RAC), John Marshall. For those of you that do not know, the Regional Achievement Centers are intervention teams that were launched by the New Jersey Department of Education to implement proven turnaround principles and improve student achievement in districts that were identified as “Priority” or “Focus” Schools. Back in 2012, Midland School No. 1 was identified as a “Focus School” due to an achievement gap that developed between higher and lower performing subgroups on state assessments.

    We are very happy to report that the letter from Mr. Marshall provided our district with some very encouraging news about the progress we have made in recent years. Our administrative team and our instructional staff members have been working extremely hard to improve student performance on state assessments, and the results we recently received prove that the hard work is paying off!  Please feel free to read Mr. Marshall's letter here.

    We are very encouraged by our progress to date and hope to continue to have your support as together we take our next steps in improving our program and achievement scores.


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    lost found








    Tuesday, JUNE 21st!


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  • Important Information From Pomptonia Food Service 

     Parents Choose NSLP POS

    Elementary Snack Program Update

    Rochelle Park Snack Program


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  • Children

    Letter from our Principal regarding School-wide Emergency Evacuation Drill Conducted. 

    Click here to read letter


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  • new messaging tool this year   

    New messaging tool this year 

    Some of our middle school teachers are using a new messaging tool this year called "Remind". This tool, which can be used as an "app" on your cell phone, helps teachers share important updates and reminders with students and parents. If you receive an email explaining that your child's teacher is currently using "Remind", please be advised that it is safe and that we are aware of its use in our classrooms.


    Brian R. Cannici



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  • Parent Info Clipart  

    Letter from our Principal discussing Changes and New Morning Drop-off Procedures.

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  •  Twitter Midland School #1
    Midland School #1 is now on Twitter.

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