NAME: Barbara Purcell

SCHOOL: Midland School #1

E-Mail: bpurcell@rochellepark.org

SCHOOL PHONE: main office: 201-843-3120

Barbara Purcell has taught in many academic settings.  For my first 11 years at Midland School, I had the privilege of teaching students in a Language Arts Literacy GATE program.  The students read a wonderful variety of literature from contemporary to classics!  Writing tasks included everything from newspaper articles, literary responses, memoirs, and research papers to poetry.  We engaged in cross-curricular programming and produced multi-media and technology projects to demonstrate learning.  I received a full scholarship from the Gifted Child Society of New Jersey to attend Confratute and the University of Connecticut during the Summer of 2005. I went to graduate school at Montclair State during the summer of 2008 and 2009 to complete an endorsement in Gifted Education. In 2010, my essay in the Samsung Four Seasons of Hope Essay Contest was selected to win $50,000 for our district! In 2012, a sixth grade student submitted a letter to the Record nominating me as a Star Teacher.  I was named an Outstanding Star Teacher for Bergen County.  I am assigned to Language Arts Literacy Support Services again this year.  I will be working with students in grades 1 through 8 to help them become successful and confident readers and writers. We have many educational opportunities and challenges ahead this year! Learning is an exploration; let's continue our adventures in learning!

Thought for our class...

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere." -- Chinese proverb