• Cafeteria POS and On-Line Payment Program

    Dear Parents & Guardians:

    Midland School will soon be implementing a new POS (point of sale) system in the cafeteria. Instead of purchasing tickets or paying cash, you may have your cash/checks deposited into your child’s account! Just like EZ Pass on the NJ Turnpike and GS Parkway, this will reduce time-consuming cash transactions, and make our lunch lines move much faster.

    Note that while “good old fashioned cash” will still be accepted in the cafeteria, our hope is that many parents will appreciate the ease and convenience of prepaying for their child’s lunch. Think about it…no more lost lunch money…no more forgotten lunch money…no more “losing the change” to the $10 bill…your prepaid funds will be held safely in trust by the school district.cafeteria

    Additionally, we will be offering an optional web based payment program, www.payforit.net, to allow parents to optionally pay by credit card or ACH (electronic check). Parents may also use www.payforit.net to view their child’s cafeteria purchases on-line, as well as to receive automated account statements and low-balance reminders via email. There is even an optional “auto replenishment” feature, similar to EZ Pass, that allows you to set up a low balance threshold, upon which the system will automatically charge your credit card or bank account a pre-determined amount.

    Currently, our plan is to implement the system in January 2014. Since you will not have access to the prepaid funds until the system goes “live” in the cafeteria, we suggest that you send a check to the cafeteria, or go on-line to use www.payforit.net to make a payment.

    As a parent, you can also choose whether your child can have unrestricted use of prepaid funds, (meaning that they can purchase anything sold in their school’s cafeteria), or if you prefer, you can restrict your child’s purchases to “Meals Only”. Please contact the Cafeteria office if you would like to restrict your child to using his / her prepaid funds..

    Please send in initial deposits directly to your school cafeteria. Note that we encourage you to send as large a $ amount as possible, for your convenience…the larger the amount, the fewer times during the year you will have to remember to replenish your child’s account. Checks/Money Orders are made payable to "Midland School"   Again, although it is preferred that students utilize the new debit system, cash will still be accepted at all registers. 

    Note that any debit account funds left in the system at the end of the school year will be “rolled over” to the next school year.

    If you have any questions, you can contact our office at 201-843-3120 x 520, and someone will assist you.