• ss           Homework Tips:
    1.  Find a quiet place to do homework that is free of distractions.
    * Make sure that the chose place is free of any distractions or clutter, and is comfortable.  Have the supplies your child will need to complete homework available in this place, so that homework time can be uninterrupted.
    2.  Establish a homework time and schedule.
    * Get your child in the habit of doing homework at the same time everyday.
    * Establish a daily homework schedule that includes breaks and rewards.
    3.  Focus on your child's efforts and strengths.
    * Keep homework time positive by praising your child for completing specific tasks or working for a predetermined amount of time, rather than focusing on inaccurate answers or the difficulties your child may be having.
    4.  Break big projects up into smaller ones.
    * Don't tackle too much at once, which can frustrate and confuse your child.  Instead, help your child set short-term goals that can be reached each day in order to complete a big project over time.  Doing so models good planning for your child.
    5.  Help your child plan ahead.
    * Outline a task before you even start, even the ones that may seem obvious to you.