• Physical Education Class

    Dress Policies All students from the Fourth grade to the Eight grade must change for
    Physical Education class

             Up coming activities

     In the month of September students will be allowed to receive extra-credit and condition for the 5K on Tuesday and Thursday mornings starting at 7:15 till 7:45 weather permitting Remember that the 5K and Fun run are the last weekend of the month of September  Listen to announcements in morning#  2014 will be bringing another opportunity for students to get involved in a Social Charity Event The students of Midland School will be conducting an Aerobics Marathon It will be for the students and community led by the students Funds raised will go towards United Nations, U.N.I.C.E.F. Charity. Lets get started on the right road to recovery and get in shape together You can't be fit if you are not in it.  

    Volley Ball.

    Will be starting in October See the school nurse for more information