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    Homework - 8th grade

    This week we will examine the Louisiana Purchase and the events which led up to the War of 1812.  We are also going to look at the War of 1812.  This war was basically the 2nd Revolutionary War against the British.  Tentatively we have a test scheduled for Friday on Chapters 7 and 8.  A study guide has already been distributed to the class.  

    For the week of January 15th
    Monday - No school
    Tuesday - Read pages 302-305
    Wednesday - Read pages 448-450 (up to "Improvements")
    Thursday - Read pages 450-453
    Friday - Tentatively Test on Chapters 7 and 8
    Prior Week's Homework
    For the week of January 8th
    Monday - No homework
    Tuesday - Read pages 298-299
    Wednesday - Read handout
    Thursday - Read pages 300-301
    Friday - Review for test on Ch. 7 and 8 (test scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 16)