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    Homework - 8th grade
    We are moving on to the War of 1812.  This is really The Revolutionary War - Part II.  We are fighting the same enemy (Great Britain) and we are upset with them over their treatment of our country.  Great Britain was still upset after having lost the Revolutionary War to the US.  Out of this war will come a new sense of national pride as well as our national anthem.  In addition, the class is beginning to develop our Slavery Museum.
     For the week of Feb. 18th
    Monday - Washington's Birthday
    Tuesday - No school
    Wednesday - No homework
    Thursday - Read pages 290-291
    Friday - Read pages 292-294
    Prior Week's Homework
     For the week of Feb. 11th
    Monday - No homework
    Tuesday - See the assignment in Google Classroom
    Wednesday - Read pages 282-284 (up to "Conflict")
    Thursday - Read pages 284-287
    Friday - Read pages 288-290 (up to "Great Britain on the Offensive")