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                                                                                     Washington's soldiers  building Ft. Necessity

    Homework - 8th grade

    Welcome to 8th grade. We will begin the year by tracing the events which resulted in the Revolutionary War.  The first of these events was the French & Indian War.  This is the war that led to the taxes on products ranging from paper to tea to glass to sugar.  It is not paying taxes which upset the colonists as much as the fact that they had no say in the imposition of taxes on the colonies.  Had we lived in England, we would have been able to complain to elected members of Parliament.  As British living in the Americas, we suddenly had no voice in government and no vote.

    For the week of September 18
    Monday - No homework
    Tuesday - Read Chapter 16 handout
    Wednesday - Workbook pages 40-42 (except Challenge Activity)
    Thursday - No school
    Friday - Read paragraphs 1 and 2 of the DOI on page 122
    Prior Week's Homework
    Monday - Books covered and signed course rules
    Tuesday - Read pages 98-100
    Wednesday - Read page 101
    Thursday - Read pages 102-103
    Friday - Read pages 112-116