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    Homework - 8th grade
    In 1829, Andrew Jackson became President of the United States.  While Jackson had many accomplishments, he also was a controversial leader.  Perhaps one of the saddest chapters in early American history is the relocation of the Cherokee Nation out of Georgia.  The forced March to present-day Oklahoma became known as the Trail of Tears due to the large number of Native Americans who died during the relocation. 
    During break there is no homework assigned.  If students want to work on their museum exhibit, they can use the time for that purpose.
     For the week of April 22nd
    Monday - No homework.  Students can work on their Museum Exhibit if they want to.
    Tuesday - Read pages 333-336 (up to "Jackson")
    Wednesday - Read pages 336-339
    Thursday - Read pages 340-344
    Friday - On pages 348-349 answer questions 1-5, 13 and 14
    Prior Week's Homework
    For the week of April 8th
    Monday - No homework
    Tuesday - Read pages 405-407
    Wednesday - Read pages 408-412 (up to "Impact")
    Thursday - Read pages 412-414
    Friday - Read pages 328-332