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    Homework - 8th grade
    We are now on the road towards the Civil War.  This is a horrible war with the highest number of American casualties of any war we have ever fought.  As with any conflict, it is not the result of one event.  Rather it is the culmination of a series of events throughout the 1850s.  Included are: the Compromise of 1850, the Kansas-Nebraska Act, Bleeding Kansas, Fugitive Slave Act, Raid at Harper's Ferry, Dred Scott decision, Lincoln's election.
    Please continue to work on the museum exhibits.
     For the week of May 20th
    Monday - No homework
    Tuesday - Read pages 572-574
    Wednesday - Exhibit for the museum is due
    Thursday - Read pages 575-576
    Friday - No school
    Prior Week's Homework
     For the week of May 13th
    Monday - Read pages 570-572 (up to "Northern Resources")
    Tuesday - No homework for the rest of the week due to State testing.  Continue to work on the exhibit.
    Wednesday - 
    Thursday - 
    Friday -