Homework - 7th grade         
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    The class is beginning to examine the Middle East and North Africa.  These two regions are linked together because they are similar in terms of geography (both are fairly arid) and they are similar culturally (the dominant language is Arabic and the dominant religion is Islam).  In this unit we will look at the development of Islam as a religion and how the Silk Road trade helped extend the religion through the region.  We will also look at some of the different cultural groups in the region.  The class has been presenting 4 cultural traits from their assigned country during the past week.  We will continue with the remainder next week.  
    Please note that reading assignments are intentionally out of order.
    Week of Feb. 18th
    Monday  - Washington's Birthday
    Tuesday - No school
    Wednesday - No homework
    Thursday - Read pages 285-287
    Friday - On pages. 289-290 answer questions 1-9
    Prior week's homework
    Week of Feb. 11th
    Monday  - Work on your project
    Tuesday - Read pages 280-282 (up to "food")
    Wednesday - Project is Due 
    Thursday - Read pages 282-283 (up to "Challenges")
    Friday - Read pages 283-285 (up to "North Africa's Future")