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    Homework - 7th grade
    Welcome to 7th grade.  We are going to be learning about different cultures  around the world including: Africa, Middle East, India, East Asia and Russia.  As we go through the year, we will look at the history, languages, religions and modern issues of each of these regions of the world.  To start the year, we will conduct a brief overview of our planet.  One reason we do this is so we can understand why so much of the world's population is concentrated in such a small area.  We also look at the Earth so we can become more familiar with different parts of what is really a small planet.
     For the week of September 18th
    Monday  - Grapefruit Project Due
    Tuesday - Read pages 34-38/ Quiz
    Wednesday - Read pages 44-45
    Thursday - No school
    Friday - Read pages 46-48.  Answer question #4 on page 48.
    Prior Week's Homework
    Monday  - Books covered and signed course rules
    Tuesday - Read pages 14-17
    Wednesday - Read pages 22-24
    Thursday - Read pages 25-31
    Friday - Bring in a grapefruit and completed Hurricane Jose tracking map