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Homework - 7th grade
We have now entered East Asia.  As part of our studies, we will focus on China and Japan with a brief look at Korea.  China has a long and wonderful history filled with many different dynasties.  Given our time constraints, we will focus on the first and last dynasty of China.  As far as Japan is concerned, we will study the samurai culture and how it influenced WWII.  As part of this study of Japan, we have a project on the samurai culture that is due this coming week.
For the week of May 22nd 
Monday  - No homework
Tuesday - Work on project
Wednesday - Samurai Project is due
Thursday - Read pages 219-221
Friday - Read pages 224-228
Prior Week's Homework
For the week of May 15th 
Monday  - No homework
Tuesday - Read pages 588-590 (up to S. Korean Economy)
Wednesday - Work on project
Thursday - Read pages 590-592
Friday - Work on project