Homework - 7th grade         
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    We are now going to East Asia. This next unit will include China, North and South Korea, and Japan.  These are all very old cultures.  Their history is quite different from the history of the Mediterranean Countries.  This coming week we will look at the history of China.  Early on China was an advanced civiization.  Some of the technology was far beyond the technology of other civilizations during the same time period.  We are also looking at how Japan built up its industry and was able to become a major force going into WWII.
    Week of May 20th
    Monday  - No homework 
    Tuesday - No homework
    Wednesday - Read pages 215-217 (up to "Relationships")
    Thursday - Read pages 217-219
    Friday - No school
    Prior week's homework
    Week of May 13th
    Monday  - Read pages 211-215 (up to "People") 
    Tuesday - No homework for the rest of the week due to State testing
    Wednesday - 
    Thursday - 
    Friday -