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    Homework - 7th grade
         This past week we learned about Islam.  Our focus was on how Islam is part of the group of monothestic religions started by Abraham.  The 3 religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) all believe in the same concept of one God.  We also learned about the religious journey - called the Hajj - Muslims make to Mecca.
         During the next few days we are going to learn about the modern series of events that swept across North Africa and the Middle East.  These events have come to be known as the Arab Spring.
     For the week of January 15th
    Monday  - No school
    Tuesday - Read pages 326-327
    Wednesday - On page 325 answer #12 and 13
    Thursday - Read pages 330-332 (up to "Libya")
    Friday - Read the Arab Spring handout
    For the week of January 8th
    Monday  - No homework
    Tuesday - Read pages 314-316
    Wednesday - Read pages 317-319
    Thursday - Read pages 320-322
    Friday - Map Test