Homework - 7th grade         
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    Welcome to 7th grade.  This year we are going to learn about a number of cultures.  These will include cultures from across Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, East Asia and Northern Europe.  People are found all over our planet.  However, most of the Earth's 7.5 billion people are found in certain regions of our planet.  Why do people crowd together instead of spreading out over larger areas?  What helps determine where people settle?
    Week of September 23rd
    Monday  - No homework
    Tuesday - Read pages 46-49 (up to "Variety")
    Wednesday - Read pages 49-51
    Thursday - Read pages 52-54
    Friday - Read pages 55-57
    Prior week's homework
    Week of September 16th
    Monday  - Grapefruit Project is due
    Tuesday - Read pages 26-30 ( to "Geospatial")
    Wednesday - Read pages 30-35
    Thursday - Read pages 42-44.  Bring in your textbook.
    Friday - Read pages 45-46 (up to "Elements")