*** Please sign up for my Class Dojo for more detailed information!!!  
    I tend to Dojo on a weekly/daily basis.  I will inform you of upcoming tests and quizzes as well as what we are working on in the classroom.  You are welcome to Dojo me at any time with questions and concerns.  I will try to get back to you ASAP.   
    *** Please see your child's agenda book and/or folder for daily assignments and weekly quizzes!  
    ** Please save your child's work at home.  This will give you the information you need in order to study for future tests and quizzes.  I will be giving tests and quizzes primarily on Fridays.  However, there will be weeks when a test or quiz will fall Monday - Thursday.  This will be written in your child's agenda book and/or I will Dojo you with the information. 
    ***I am available daily after school Tuesdays - Thursdays for extra help. I will walk your child to the office at 3:10 , or before for you to pick them up.  There is no appointment necessary.  They can just drop in, and I will help them with whichever skill is troubling them.