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                                                                            April 24, 2019
    Dear General PTO Members,
    The following people have submitted their names for consideration for the May 14th elections for the 2019-2020 school year. 
    The following positions have 2 year term:
    President- Cynthia Fuller
    1st Vice President- Jaime Gryctko
    2nd Vice President- Sheryl Kurian
    Correspondence Secretary- Joanne Hand
    Recording Secretary- Michelle Jacob
    Treasurer- Shirley Abraham
    The remaining positions are 1 year term:
    Chair of Chairs- Kim Lewicki
    Bylaws- (no name submitted)
    Membership-(no name submitted)
    Budget and Finance- (no name submitted)
    Faculty Advisor- (no name submitted)
    Although the official ballot has closed and names are being submitted to the general membership, there is still an opportunity to submit your name for any of these positions. Hopeful candidates can still submit their name in writing to shawnariordan@yahoo.com and their name will be proposed at the May 14th meeting. Those submissions after the deadline are considered to be running from the floor.It is our hope and purpose to continue to do wonderful things for the children of Midland School #1. However, we can only be successful with the help of willing parents, guardians and friends. Official voting will take place at the May 14th General PTO meeting at 7:00pm in the School's Media Center. We look forward to seeing you.
    Shawna Riordan
    Midland School PTO President
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    We are looking for people to join the PTO & take on many positions!
    Some are once & some are monthly- there's something for everyone!!
    Help is always needed!
    If interested in helping,
    please send email
    to Shawna Riordan at:  midlandschoolpto@gmail.com

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